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Business Development

How to Apply

Position Objective: 

We are looking for a talented, energetic go-getter who share our core values and goal, for joining Business Development at Vidcare. He/she will be responsible for establishing the company’s new revenue channels, handle customers and stakeholders relationships, and leading all aspects of business development, according to its strategic direction and growth objectives.


  • Leading the execution for business and market development activities, in line with company vision.

  • Connecting and engaging with stakeholders, building relationships and be a key point for public outreach

  • Proactively generate ideas to develop and harness business opportunities

  • Building and maintaining successful relationships with prospects and existing clients,

  • Collaborating with executives on business strategy to determine objectives,

  • Evaluating current business performance and maximizing business reach and potential.

  • Other responsibilities include strategy, networking, investor engagement, recruitments etc.

  • Would expect to transition to a CXO role over time, as the company grows.

  • Build and lead a team to accomplish the above


  • Radical Accountability to run the vertical like own business

  • Incredible detail orientation and process thinking.

  • Excellent delivery of Presentations and Marketing content

  • Strong communication skills

  • Ability to work in a team environment

  • Ability to comprehend technical and scientific nuances and simplify it for the customers, stakeholders etc.

  • Prior experience of 3-7 years working with a Medtech, Pharma, or other science-based businesses is mandatory. Start-up experience will be an edge.

If you think that you will be a perfect fit for this role, then send us your CV at and mention the Position Name in the email subject line. 

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