mu-sure is the World's first device fulfilling the WHO's ASSURED (affordable, sensitive, specific, user-friendly, rapid and robust, equipment-free and deliverable to end-users) criterion while giving quantitative results.
Mu-sure will help bring healthcare diagnostics to your doorsteps. It is especially useful in developing countries where accessibility and availability of basic diagnostic facilities is an issue. The usage is as simple as adding a drop of blood and pressing a button to initiate the test. After 10-15 minutes, a thermometer type reading appears on the chip, which can be easily read by the user or otherwise assessed with the help of a smartphone (cloud-based assessment of test data). All this is done without using any electronic instrumentation.
At Vidcare, we are trying to use this platform technology and build products to prevent maternal, fetal, neonatal and congenital complications. Our first product is a TSH test for screening of hyperthyroidism during pregnancy and in newborns.


1 in 10 adults in India is hypothyroid. Lower Thyroid levels or Hypothyroidism in pregnant mothers are 2-3 fold more likely to have Foetal, Neonatal & Maternal complications such as low birth weight, prematurity, poor neuropsychological development of baby etc. Indian Thyroid Society has recommended universal screening for all pregnant women.

But a major drawback in the current system is the lack of infrastructure and high cost of setting up of the same (leading to a high cost to benefit ratio), which leads to these facilities being limited to only large laboratories. This requires long-distance travel, and hence many patients avoid such tests. Existing point of care solutions are incapable to meet this requirement due to various limitations. A quantitative screening device that can be used in the patient vicinity, can subsequently reduce the burden and improve patient outcomes significantly.


A stand-alone, credit card-sized, easy to use disposable test.

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