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A stand-alone, credit card-sized, easy to use disposable blood test


For the first time, the mu-sure makes it possible to diagnose medical conditions, and monitor illnesses easily and conveniently, in the comfort of the home or at the nearest health center/doctor’s office. Critical test results can now be provided at the patients side, than in a centralized laboratory, to help the doctor in the decision making process. It will help bring healthcare diagnostics to your doorsteps. It is especially useful in developing countries where accessibility and availability of basic diagnostic facilities is a major challenge.

Mu-sure is an equipment-free blood diagnostic platform. In simple term, the entire test fits in a disposable, credit card sized, self-contained chip, without compromising test accuracy. All you need is the mu-sure chip. Add sample, wait 20 minutes, and read results as you do on a thermometer.

At Vidcare, we are trying to use this platform technology and build products to prevent maternal, fetal, neonatal and congenital complications.

Our first product is a TSH assay for screening of hypothyroidism (HT) in general patients and during pregnancy. In India, at least 10% of all adults are estimated to be hypothyroid. Lowe thyroid levels may lead to symptoms including slow metabolism, fatigue, goitre, heart attack risk, mental health issues. In extreme conditions, it can lead to a life threatening conditions called myxedema. Regular testing of TSH levels can help manage these symptoms and improve quality of life substantially while preventing serious conditions.

Globally, HT is among the leading causes of miscarriages, pre-mature births and development disorders in children. It is estimated to affect nearly 15 million pregnancies (44.3% of all pregnancies) each year in India.


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A stand-alone, credit card-sized, easy to use disposable test with accurate and sensitive biomarker readings at par with lab tests.

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