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About Vidcare

We are a company that is trying to solve one of the biggest global challenges in modern healthcare - Accessibility. Our approach to complex problems is simple innovations, that are not just accurate and reliable, but also convenient and user-friendly.

At Vidcare, we are pioneering a new era of healthcare transformation. We develop easy to use, portable health tests to make diagnostic testing convenient, accessible and available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This enables patients, their family or healthcare workers to monitor existing health conditions and screen for infections at patient's home rather than in a lab. Results can immediately be shared with the doctor to help make much faster clinical decisions.


We are a passionate team trying to make the world a better place for everyone. Our team consists of Engineers, Scientists, Doctors and Lawyers with past experiences at IIT, IISc, and international universities such as TU Delft, Wageningen University & University of Glasgow. We work extremely hard to build great products and make sure to have fun along the way.

Founders' Note

"The idea for Vidcare originated during a local dengue outbreak in Bangalore in late 2015. 3 of my colleagues with whom I shared an office with, were infected within a few days of each other. Needless to say I was worried, and wanted to get tested. Lab tests were scary, inconvenient and took way too long. In an era when everything was becoming more efficient and convenient, healthcare was slow and cumbersome. This was an inflection point for me. 

"Healthcare needs to start at home", I said to myself.


While there were few test kits for screening infections such as malaria and dengue for public health applications, home diagnostics as a large did not have many tests except glucose monitoring, pregnancy and a few others.

From a technology perspective, immunoassay is the most versatile science but is unfeasible for home use due to expensive instrumentations or need for skilled man-power. Hence, it was clear that the platform tech needs to be quantitative, equipment-free, easy to use, automated and flexible/scalable. We started with hypothyroidism, since it needed periodical testing and was highly prevalent in India.

We believe that our simple, convenient diagnostic solutions can empower people to take care of their lives and those of their loved ones. Our focus remains on ability to track existing health conditions or track for infections at home, much faster and more easily. This will impact countless lives and save everyone a lot of time, money and hassle.


This is the next big transformation in our lives. Vidcare plans to lead it

- Rohan Aggarwal, Founder

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