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Hypothyroidism screening in pregnant women and newborn babies at point of care


At Vidcare Innovations, we are developing breakthrough products to improve healthcare accessibility for people everywhere, especially in resource-limited settings. We are committed to improving healthcare outcomes in the women and child health domain, by providing convenient and timely access to our easy to use, portable screening & diagnostics products to enable healthcare professionals to make evidence-based clinical decisions.

Health Statistics

32 Million new Pregnancies occur in India every year.
More than 70% of these cases are from Rural India

1 in 10 women suffers from

hypothyroidism during

pregnancy leading to severe

maternal, fetal, neonatal

and congenital complications

2 times more cases of hypothyroidism are in India than Global average. Attributed to be most a common preventable cause of mental retardation in children


mu-sure is the World's first device fulfilling the WHO's ASSURED (affordable, sensitive, specific, user-friendly, rapid and robust, equipment-free and deliverable to end-users) criterion while giving quantitative results.  The usage is as simple as adding a drop of blood and pressing a button to initiate the test. After 10-15 minutes, a thermometer type reading appears on the chip, which can be easily read by the user or otherwise assessed with the help of a smartphone (cloud-based assessment of test data). All this is done without using any electronic instrumentation.

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